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Apocalypse & Apocatastasis
"And behold, the Christ come quickly, for a millenium will pass and near another and there will be made a sign in the heavens. And you will know this star that called the wise and all-knowing to Bethlehem. Seek there the star at the appointed time, and all spirit will rejoice in the reward, even unto those who come out of the body, that every man according as his work shall be".

And there was great light and there stood before me Jesus the Christ. And He spake thus, that I may know the authority of the angel. And bade "Watch for the star that was foretold by the prophet Jacob, that you will know the time of the second coming, when I will enter all hearts".

"He which testifieth these things saith, "Surely I come quickly. Even as night follows day, so shall century follow century, until the second millennium is nigh".

Amen. Even so, come, Christ light."

Extracts from the . .  "Third Book of the Apocalypse".                                         

"See, you people, among the nations, and look on, and stare in amazement at one another. Be amazed; for there is an activity that one is carrying on in your days, which you people will not believe although it is related.

For the vision is for the appointed time, and it keeps panting on to the end, and it will not tell a lie; for it will without fail come true. It will not be too late."

Habakkuk 1:5 & 2:3
"Have you not heard?

From remote times it is what I will do. From bygone days I have even formed it. Now I will bring it in.

Do not remember the first things, and to the former things do not turn your consideration.

Look! I am doing something new. Now it will spring up. You people will know it, will you not?" -  Isaiah 43:18

"That is how it will be in the conclusion of the system of things: the angels will go out and separate the wicked from among the righteous."

Matthew 13:49
"There is only one thing more powerful than all the armies of the world, that is an idea whose time has come."
Victor Hugo
Apocatastasis is the theological doctrine of the ultimate reconciliation of good and evil. It is based on the Biblical passage in 1 Corinthians 15:28, and was extensively preached in the eastern church by St. Gregory of Nyssa in the 4th century. It was formally condemned by the Synod of Constantinople in 543. There have been diverse attempts to revive the idea over the centuries. What apocatastasis (plural apocatastases, pronounced Apo-cat-a-STAY-sis (-sees)) means: 1) Restoration, re-establishment, renovation 2) Return to a previous condition 3) (Astronomy) Return to the same apparent position, completion of a period of revolution.
                 THE RESTORATION
Embracing the goddess energy within yourselves.. will bring all of you to a new understanding and value of life.

A vision that inspires you to live and love on planet earth.

Like a priceless jewel.. buried in dark layers of soil and stone.

Earth radiates her brilliant beauty.. into the caverns of space and time.

Perhaps your are aware of those who watch over your home.

And experience it as a place to visit and play with reality.

You are becoming aware of yourself as a game master.

Imagine earth restored to her real beauty.

Stately trees seem to brush the deep blue sky.

Clouds billow to form majestic peaks.

The songs of birds fill the air.. creating symphony upon symphony..

The goddess is calling for.. and honoring.. of what she allows to be created.. from the core-residue of the blood.

Those who own her planet are learning about love.

Lyrics from.. Gamemaster.. by Lost Tribe

Remixed by Paul Oakenfold
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