The word  “God”. .  is often used as a symbol of a wholeness of the Spirit. .  both in the “Cosmic” sense . . and also when it concerns the collective Spirit of Mankind. The star above. . then. . is a symbolic representation of the Spirit of Christ. .  as it is  manifested in this world.  The central position being represented by loving-kindness, since,  loving-kindness always governs these other six higher human qualities. .  if the Spirit is True.

I’ve expressed the seven spirits idea here in a symbolic form in order to emphasize the wholeness (or holiness) of the idea of God.. as it has been represented in the Scriptures. The Seven Spirits of God should not be considered as separate qualities though. . since their strength is in their Unity . 
"I am the one who comes from what is whole. I was given from the things of my father. For this reason I say, if one is whole, one will be filled with light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness.

Whoever has ears to hear should hear. There is light within a man of light, and it shines on the whole world. If it does not shine it is darkness."

Jesus – Gospel of Thomas