The Bible speaks consistently of a KNOWLEDGE of God... not a belief.

Belief is used only in the context of – believing in the words of the prophets.

In scripture the word God functions as a symbol.. and symbols represent ideas.

The idea of God has changed and evolved over the ages.

Nevertheless.. the God of the New Testament is clearly defined as existing in human hearts and minds.

Jesus taught that God is a Spirit.. St Paul further clarifies that God is a Spirit inside us................... Nothing supernatural about this.

The God of the New Testament is defined as being.. the Spirit of Loving kindness.. Righteousness.. Justice.. Peace.. Wisdom.. Truth.. and Freedom.

And it is this KNOWLEDGE of God that the scriptures teach us.

The Seven Spirits of God....

The God symbol also functions as a symbol of Wholeness.

The Whole being greater than the some of its parts.

"Hermes: Hush, son! and understand what God, what Cosmos is, what is a life that cannot die, and what a life subject to dissolution.

Yea, understand the Cosmos is by God and in God; but Man by Cosmos and in Cosmos.

The source and limit and the constitution of all things is God. "

                                                       Corpus Hemeticum
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