“Monism is a point of view within metaphysics which argues that the variety of existing things in the universe are reducible to one substance or reality and therefore that the fundamental character of the universe is unity. Contrasting with this point of view is dualism which asserts that there are two ultimately irreconcilable substances or realities (with consciousness and/or mind on the one hand and matter on the other) or pluralism which asserts any number of fundamental substances or realities more than two. Monisms may be theologically syncretic by proposing that there is one God who has many manifestations in the diverse religious traditions.”

A concept of a PRIMARY FIELD is still missing in physics. A Primary Field is energy existing in a dormant (or POTENTIAL) state. The entire multi-verse - including our FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS is simply an excitation occurring in the PRIMARY FIELD.. from virtual particles to stars and from stars to allliving things.. EVERYTHING is simply an ACTIVITY that is occuring in the Primary Field.

EVERTHING is ENERGY but.. FOR THE MOST PART..  this energy is DORMANT so we can’t detect it – Maybe.. this is what is meant by – DARK ENERGY… After all.. Energy that is dormant has no wave pattern to observe. This could account for its darkness.. but we can only speculate here.

ALL the other fields in physics.. like gravity.. electro magnetic.. nuclear.. and the Higgs.. are SECONDARY FIELDS.. that are variants of the Primary Field. Varients in the same way that mist.. rain.. ice.. waves.. whirlpools and currents.. etc.. are all varients of water. This is why I use an image of the ocean to symbolize the Primary Field.. both share many simular characteristics and the ocean symbol aids visulization.. helping us to better grasp the intangible nature of the field of our origins. Organic life emerged from the ocean.. and in the same way the universe.. the planets and the stars.. emerge.. borrowing their energy from the Primary Field… and gradually this energy is repaid in the form of entrophy.. as the universe gradually disolves back into the Primary Field where it continues to exist as potential energy.
To illustrate this.. if we represent energy as a wave.. when energy is potential we represent it as a wave that is flat-lining.. a completely straight (flowing) line that has the potential to become a (flowing) wave again.

Here we need to take into consideration that MOTION is the natural state.. it is fundamental.. while REST is a variation of MOTION. So the natural state of the Primaary Field is to FLOW.. like water flows.. and it is this FLOW that provide the POTENTIAL ENERGY. Because the Primary Field is flowing we cap tap energy from the motion of its flow.. just as we can POTENTIALLY tap energy from the motion of the ocean’s currents and waves. In this sense.. the Primary Field has POTENTIAL ENERGY wrapped up in its natural momentum.

Everything is energy - most of which is existing only as potential.If we represent energy as a wave when we can detect it… and represent it as a wave that has taken to flat-lining.. when we can’t detect it.. then there is no such thing as NOTHINGNESS.. ONLY INFINITE POTENTIALS AND ACTUALITIES.. and ETERNAL CHANGE.
NOTHINGNES isn’t nothing. Everything is SOMETHING.. There is just tangible and intangible.. existing in a state of a continually changing relationship. Biological life is a good example of the two co-existing. Consciousness is an intangible.. interacting with the tangible brain. In physics.. gravity is an intangible interacting with tangible mass… etc.. etc. The intangibible is fundamental.. while tangible is secondary.. arising from the former. .. THE NOTHINGNES

When we speak of NOTHING.. what we mean is.. our senses cannot detect anything. Like when we are asleep our consciousness cannot be detected.. it is dormant.. existing only as a potential.. until we wake up. The same can be said for the Primary Field.. for most part its energy is dormant.. with pockets of activity.. that come and go.. One of these pockets of activity is what we would call – our univerese.

Maybe.. intelligence is a fundamental characteristic of energy.. so everything is self-determined. Maybe.. ALL is MIND (or information). . and Buddha was right.. the world of matter is just a convincing illusion.

How is it that the universe demonstrates such perfect organization.. without resorting to believing in imagined supernatural entities.. that is...?

The answer is simple.. if we consider the existence of a primary field.

As yet unknown to physics.. it is almost certain that such a field exists.

We already recognize nuclear fields.. electro magnetic fields.. and gravitational fields..

And none of them are what we might describe.. as being very substantial.

Fields then.. are the way that space-time  responds.. to differing forms of energy.

Space-time.. is concerned with the relationship between things.

Space can be either diminishing.. or expanding.

Time runs both forwards and backwards (consider memory).

These are the negative.. positive aspects of the relationship.

However.. there is also a neutral aspect.

And this is the Primary Field.

An infinitive nothingness.. that has always existed and always will. It is the foundation of everything that exists. Universes emerge from it.. in infinite numbers.. our own universe is not unique.. neither is it the first universe to come into existence.

How can something come from nothing then.. ?

Well.. this depends on what “nothing” is.

Conventional thinking.. so far.. has always taken the word “nothing” to mean.. nothing.. in the most literal of sense.. so maybe it is time to challenge this assumption as being untrue.

We live in a material world.. meaning that’s how we perceive it to be.. through our senses.

And our simplistic concept of nothingness has it roots in the way we sense things.

Yet.. some times.. words can be the worst form of illusion.. and they can confine our thinking., rather than freeing it.

So let’s examine this concept of nothingness.

The empty space that surrounds us appears to have no substance.. yet.. we know that it actually has an atomic structure in the form of gases.. and it is also a medium through which light (or energy) is passing.. then there is sound..

So “empty” space.. is the wrong concept.. and we now know that.. anyway.

Then.. closer to home.. is our own field of consciousness.

Cut open a human brain.. and try to find consciousness.. and there’s nothing there.. only the body’s instinctive responses. Consciousness.. is indeed.. the ghost in the biological machine. It exists.. yet we can’t detect it.. just like gravity.. apart from by its actions on its environment.

The important thing then.. is whether something exists or not.. isn’t it.. ?

Traditionally.. we have always thought of things existing because we can detect them.

For example.. science would accept that ghosts exist.. only if it could detect them. Take a photograph.. detect environmental changes.. etc.

Yet science cannot detect what I’m thinking.. or how I feel.. or what I was dreaming about.. can it.. ?

Does that mean my thoughts.. feelings and dreams don’t exist.. ?

Of course it doesn’t.

They exist.. but in an imaginary dimension.. that we call.. “mind”.

Therefore existence has a polarity.. mind.. and substance.

Nothing new about that.

But what would happen is we were to expand this “mind” concept.. ?

Like saying.. for instance.. what if mind has no boundaries.. ?

Where would that take us.. outside the universe.. maybe.. ?

Which brings us back to physics.

We know that the universe is like an expanding bubble.. that is enlarging all the time.

We also know.. that outside this expanding bubble.. is nothing at all.

No time.. no space.. no energy.. nothing.. it is not even a void.. it literally.. doesn’t exist.

Or does it.. ?

Could it be an imaginary field.. ?

Which would be extremely frustrating for the physicists who want to detect it.

Is there any existing evidence that imaginary fields (or dimensions) could exist.. ?

Well.. what about consciousness.. ?

       Imaginary Dimensions In Physics

"It is about time, that both mathematical and scientific analysis give more importance and meaning to all imaginary terms. In multitudes of important derivations, in both maths and physics, we find imaginary roots and solutions literally dropped off or disregarded, just because they are not real. Disregarding imaginary components in the physical world has serious consequences and is what makes things look to behave weird or showing overunity. If one does not fully understand that the imaginary components EXIST as much as the real components, he may be easily tricked, and could never for example, explain why a seemingly genuine overunity device can never be made self running.

The implications are rather obvious, an imaginary space-time dimension has to be defined along with the four real space-time dimensions to fully represent all physics parameters. This shall upgrade all physics units into a set of space-time dimensions, one with real and the other with imaginary, resulting into at least one complex 4 dimension space time. This requires no major change in physics, but from thereoff, ALL quantities have to be assumed to be complex values, that is, have BOTH REAL & IMAGINARY COMPONENTS of space-time."

By Engineer Saviour  -

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