A Primary Field Theory  -  Part One

Descibing the Field Comparatively

"The spirit down here in man and the spirit up there in the sun, in reality are only one spirit, and there is no other one."

The Upanishads

A Primary Field Theory is a very simple idea.. that unites all the other fields.. including our field of consciousness.

Like the Theory of Relativity.. the idea is embedded in paradoxes.. which can make it sound much more complicated than it actually is..

I use the image of a perfectly calm ocean.. as a symbol.. to represent it. The ocean is moving.. in the same way the an electrical current does.. maybe at the speed of light.. maybe faster.. I'm not yet sure.. but it is in this natural state of motion.. that the potential energy lies.

I believe this is the best way to try to illustrate it.

Holding this image of a perfectly calm sea in mind.. will act as a good foundation to build an understanding on…...

So.. what is a primary field.. ?

In the eyes of physics.. it is nothing.. and.. as far as I know.. there is no concept to represent it presently.. although the Higg's Field does come close to it.
However the Primary Field operates on a much vaster scale.. and while universes may come and go.. the Primary Field has always existed and always will.

The Primary Field is energy.. existing in a potential state.

Energy in neutral gear.. if you like.

(I can't do math.. so I think in pictures.. and symbols.. instead).

If.. we symbolize energy as a wavy line..

Potential energy.. then.. is this same wavy line.. but try to imagine it flat-lining.. instead of being wavy.

It still exists.. but because it is flat-lining.. it can't be detected by physics.. because it is existing in a - non-excited state - and is therefore no longer in our universe.. and no longer subject to space/time.. etc.

To speak comparatively.. on a calm day.. we can not detect waves on the surface of the ocean.. because they don't exist without a wind.. to excite them.

But the potential for waves to form is still there..

Therefore the waves (or energy) exist... potentially.

The physicist.. whose equipment is only set up to detect waves.. will shrug his shoulders and say there is nothing there.. and dismiss it…….. but I disagree.

To quote:

“I can testify that Einstein's speculations revealed here concerning infinite spaces in motion do at least carry us in the right direction, in how they suggest space might have an UNSEEN and possibly INFINITE content. Most noteworthy, similar ideas came from the work of David Bohm, who introduced the idea of an implicate order. Implicate order for Bohm was a way of acknowledging that quantum mechanics reveals that space contains a HIDDEN ORDER. However, that order is much more visible than Bohm ever realized. There is the order of groups and grouping that we are accustomed to acknowledging, but there also is an order of balance and symmetry which smoothes out the pronounced nature of grouping, until in extreme, the symmetry of balance seems to be a NOTHINGNESS.”


And it is this….. “seems to be a nothingness”…. that I am referring to as being the primary field.

In my mind.. gravity.. nuclear fields.. magnetic fields.. and even our field of consciousness.. are all responses in the primary field.. just as a pool of water will respond differently.. depending on what we throw in it.. a huge stone.. a feather.. a live frog.. red hot metal.. a chemical.. etc.. all cause greatly varying responses in the same pool.

This is why I call it the primary field.. because all other fields originate within it.. as reponses in the field.. while energy also emerges from it.. existing apart from it by means of a dimension of space/time.. yet stll being connected.

So how does the universe come into existence.. ?

Think.... quantum physics..

Imagine a photon of energy manifests for a brief ammount of time.. from the field.

It borrows its energy from the primary field.. and pays it back when the photon flits back out of existence (or returns to a neutral condition - flat-lining).

Sometimes a photon can divide into an electron and a positron (anti-electron).. before it has time to flit back out of existence..

These electrons can convert into protons and neutrons.. giving us the basic building blocks to create a universe.. from energy borrowed from the primary field.

So.. what causes the waves to rise up from the calm surface.. causing potential energy to become actual.. thereby creating space/time..?

The field of potential energy is in a natural state of momentum.. however.. because it cannot be seen to be moving relative to anything.. its momentum is in a state of paradox.. since there is no point of reference to determine whether it is moving or standing still. Just as the earth is traveling at 1000 MPH but we expereince the ground beneath our feet as being static.

This momentum creates an imaginary (potential) dimension of time.. the relationship could be comparable to the flow of an electrical current creating a magnetic field. The natural flow of the primary field creates a temporal field.. in the same manner.

This gives the potential energy somewhere to go.. and when it colides with imaginary time.. the two potentials become actual.. and energy then exists in an active state..

Maybe.. even coming into being.. in the form of a big bang.. as the two potential fields colide.

As a philosopher.. all I can do is think in terms of approximations.. and leave the dirty work to the theoretical phyicists.

To quote:

“And while engineers need the imaginary number to analyse electrical waves, physicists need it to calculate the fundamental forces that govern our Universe via quantum mechanics.

And, most bizarrely of all, time might have an imaginary dimension, which might explain how time started. The Big Bang gave birth to our Universe some 15 billion years ago. It was every mother's dream birth, taking less than a second for all time, matter and energy to be born, with no need for an epidural. But if the Big Bang marks the beginning of time and the beginning of matter, what was there before it? How could time just start?

Einstein's classical general theory of relativity linked together time with the three spatial dimensions we are all familiar with (up - down, left - right, and in - out), creating a four dimensional 'space-time' in which time can move forwards only. A brilliant theory, but one that comes a cropper when applied to the creation of the Universe.

But invoke quantum theory and a dollop of imaginary time and things begin to make sense, at least to cosmologists. Imaginary time is measured in imaginary numbers and unlike real time, it can move backwards and forwards like an extra spatial dimension. Apparently, this gives the Big Bang something to start from.”


One final point..

When we become unconscious.. while we sleep.. consciousness slips back into neutral gear.. so to speak.. and we return right back to our very beginnings….

Pure potential.

Until we wake up.