Life - Its Potentials.. Are they limited.. or not.. ?

Is the after-life really a logical concept.. ?

Some ponderings….

If everything.. we see all around us.. can come out of nothing..

Then why shouldn't something.. even more remarkable.. arise out of all that already exists.. ?

Could another level of a living phenomena.. arise out of this existing material universe.. ?

An evolution of a new stage of life.. that is immaterial.. without any physical substance whatsoever. A form of life that has thought forms as its substance.. instead of atoms.. ?

Is that possible.. ?

That the universe.. and the life within it.. comes out of nothing.. is unbelievable.

Even impossible.. we might say.

So what is possible.. really.. ?

Why shouldn't another.. higher.. metaphysical level.. arise.. to serve as a platform.. on which consciousness could continue to exist.. after physical death.. in order to sustain the evolution of life.. and to take it even further.. ?

A purely mental environment… constructed out of our memories.

Meaning.. all our memories.. throughout the entire history of the human race. Maybe even memories of animals.. and possibly.. plants too. Or even memories of life on other planets.

That would provide a lot of material to create yet another level of existence out of.. wouldn't it..?

And the energy of construction.. would be imaginary.. meaning this would be a purely mental construct.. just as dreams are.

We know that organic life reproduces itself continually as a species..

So why shouldn't life be able to reproduce itself.. as a purely mental image.. by drawing on its memories.. and thereby sustaining itself even further a field.. ?

What's stopping it.. ?

Maybe only our own lack of imagination.. and will.

Consider this then..

This already happens to us.. in our dreams.

We know consciousness continually switches between.. the material world.. that we sense outside us.. the immaterial environment… that we experience within..

Such as.. thoughts.. feelings.. and dreams.. etc.

It seems.. what should be taken into consideration.. is that.. our consciousness has a polarity.. and both poles are very real.. and both have meaning.. and purpose.

Maybe dreams are just the first stirrings of our mental world.. as it struggles to be born inside us.. so that we might be free to cast off our physical garment.. and take on our real nature.. which is god-like.. compared to what we are now.

What is it that the symbol of the Sphinx represents.. with the head of a god.. and the body of a lion (the king of the beasts).. ?

Could this be who we are.. really then.. both human (the king of the beasts) - and god..  potentially..  in our minds (or spirits).. ?

Is this the Sphinx's mysterious secret.. ?

Our inner world then.. is possibly.. preparing us for such a metaphysical transition.. to a purely mental condition.. that we could take on.. when our body dies.

It would seem.. that in all probability.. the physical is only our temporary state.. and just as the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.. we will also undergo a dramatic metamorphosis.. given time.

Is that the purpose of our life.. ?

Taking these points – alone - into consideration... wouldn't a continuation of life.. seem more logical.. than not.. ?

When we observe all the variations of life on this planet.. and the seemingly hostile conditions that life can thrive under.. like extreme temperatures of hot and cold.. hibernation.. deep sea life forms that never see light.. etc.

We might well ask ourselves..

Have we discovered - ALL -  of life's mysteries.. and potentials.. ?

"That which the dream shows is the shadow of such wisdom as exists in man, even if during his waking state he may know nothing about it...

We do not know it because we are fooling away our time with outward and perishing things, and are asleep in regard to that which is real within ourself."

Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus

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