So.. what part does a Primary Field play in intelligent design.. ?

The most simple answer is..

Every substantial thing that exists has an imaginary component attached to it.

The imaginary component might be described as a mental dimension.. It seems highly probable that all things have it.. not only living organisms.. but also planets.. stars.. atoms.. and even the subatomic particles.. and there is ample evidence to support this.

Here are some familiar examples..

The Material Component              The imaginary Component

                Body                                 Mind (or spirit)

                Mass                                 Gravity

                Electricity                          Magnetism

These imaginary components are responses that the Primary Field is making to the varying expressions of energy that are active within it. Consciousness then.. is a response that the PF is making as the brain is processing sensory information.

The PF responds to this stream of sensory information.. as.. what we call.. “consciousness”.

While.. on the lower end of the scale.. back in physics.. the PF responds to the presence of a material body.. like a star or a planet.. and this response is what we call.. “gravity”.

Energy is pretty weird stuff.. we might describe it as being.. ripped (or borrowed) time. It is time that has been ripped from that which is absolute.. so it curves around to create both a relative.. and an absolute.. time frame.

A three dimensional time structure.. of present.. past.. and (potential) future.

Because it has been ripped it creates a subject – object relationship. The subjective being consciousness.. and the objective being the environment that consciousness perceives.

                         The symbol below illustrates this idea..