7:32 Here they brought him a man deaf and with a speech impediment, and they entreated him to lay his hand upon him.

7:37 Indeed, they were being astounded in a most extraordinary way and they said: "He has done all things well. He even makes the deaf hear and the speechless speak."

9:25 Jesus, now noticing that a crowd was running together upon them, rebuked the unclean spirit, saying to it: "You speechless and deaf spirit, I order you, get out of him and enter into him no more."

Ps38:13 As for me, like someone deaf, I would not listen;
And like someone speechless, I would not open my mouth.

Ps58:4 The venom of theirs is like the venom of the serpent,
Deaf like the cobra that stops up its ear,

Is29.18 And in that day the deaf ones will certainly hear the words of the book, and out of the gloom and out of the darkness even the eyes of the blind ones will see.

Is35.5 At that time the eyes of the blind ones will be opened, and the very ears of the deaf ones will be unstopped. At that time the lame one will climb up just like a stag does, and the tongue of the speechless one will cry out in gladness.   

Is42.18 Hear, you deaf ones; and look forth to see, you blind ones. Who is blind, if not my servant, and who is deaf as my messenger whom I send? Who is blind as the one rewarded, or blind as the servant of God? It was the case of seeing many things, but you did not keep watching. It was a case of opening the ears, but you did not keep listening. God himself for the sake of his righteousness has taken a delight in that he should magnify the Law and make it majestic.

Is42.23 Who among you people will give ear to this? Who will pay attention and listen for later times? Who has given the land for mere pillage, and the nations to the plunderers? Is it not God the One against whom we have sinned, and in whose ways we did not want to walk and to whose Law they did not listen? So he kept pouring out upon them his rage, his anger, and the strength of war. And it kept consuming him all around, but he took no note; and it kept blazing up against him, but he would lay nothing to heart.

43:8 "Bring forth a people blind though eyes themselves exist, and the ones deaf though they have ears.

48.3 The first things I have told even from that time, and out of my own mouth they went forth, and I kept making them heard.

Moreover, you have not heard, neither have you known, nor from that time has your ear been opened. For I well know that without fail you kept dealing treacherously, and a transgressor from the belly you have been called.

7:16 Nations will see and become ashamed of all their mightiness. They will put their hand upon their mouth; their very ears will become deaf.

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