Although Max Heindel had not completed his researches in the ethers at the time of his passing in January, 1919, he left a substantial foundation and what he gave is standing up well under the impact of even the latest scientific findings. He stated many times that the Brothers of the Rose Cross work through scientists and with science; they do not limit their activities to students and probationers of The Rosicrucian Fellowship, nor to any other specific group. Tehris is an endeavor for ALL humanity, pointing toward the actual establishment of universal brotherhood on our earth.

The Western Wisdom Teachings were given in a basic form through Max Heindel; a basic physical science come forth through academic representatives. Mankind, consciously and unconsciously, are preparing for the Aquarian Age, when science will be religious and religion scientific.

Meanwhile each aspirant must add his small bit to the ever-extending coral reef of knowledge.

Max Heindel has intimated that when the Aquarian Age dawns, some six hundred years from now, or perhaps before that, a new Teacher will appear who will sum up in himself and his Teachings the composite wisdom of our entire past evolution. In addition to the Teacher of the Aeon, however, a messenger is also sent out once each century from the "Invisible Government of the World," called in occultism "The Great White Lodge." Occultists everywhere now agree that between the present year, 1965, and the year 2000, or shortly thereafter, one of these teachers will come forward. The direction of his teachings we may know by the trends of our time:

universalism in science and religion, preparing for the "One World" of Aquaria, under the banner of the Christ; and the thrust outward into interstellar space and new cosmic adventures for the human Spirit, and a truly cosmic philosophy to go with it.

Man's immediate Utopia is no mere city on earth's surface, nor any of earth's lands, but the whole living universe, through which the mystic hears the rushing of the Wings of God and the unceasing Song of His Word.