1. Genesis

2. Imaginary Energy

3. The First Cause  - The Something Out of Nothing Paradox

4. The Art of Seeing Nothing

5. The Defining Characteristics of the Primary Field

6. Why Should a Change In Momentum Occur ?

7. Concerning the Paradox of Non-relative Motion

8. The Primary Particle – A Photon Is Born

9. The Big Bang

10. Can The Existence of Imaginary Energy Be Verified ?

11. The Final paradox – The Illusion of Reality

12. Some Classical Illusions

13. A Possible Unified Theory ?

14. Looking For Evidence

15. Gravity, Magnetic, and Nuclear Fields

16. The Field of Consciousness  =  Sensory Experience,
Memory, and Imagination

17. Reproduction of physical Life Into Imaginary Structures

18. Collective and Individual Memory

19. The Alpha and the Omega – The First and Last Things

Evidence For A Primary Field In Physics

Evidence For A Primary Field In Meta-physics


Where did the mass-energy of the universe originate from ?

By concluding that something can not arise out of nothing we must obviously look around for a much more logical answer to the original source of available energy - by this I mean we need to consider the probability of the pre-existence of a Primary Field . .  which would act as a source for all the existing energy to be drawn off from.

It seems to me that a possible solution to this is changing the way we actually look at this problem.

The idea that space itself has a kind of  "substance"  is not new.  A theory that space was a kind of  "ether" substance was once put forward before . .  but was rejected at the time due to lack of any hard evidence.

Personally..  I believe that this idea needs re-examining.. due to the fact that the possible absolute neutrality of the field was not taken into consideration at this time.  Also it would seem that our understanding of what substance is.. needs to change.. because.. paradoxically speaking..  substance can be immaterial too. For example the substance of our ideas.. memories and dreams. Not to mention the substance of our consciousness in its entirety.

With neutrinos..  we see that that these difficult to detect particles have hardly any mass (or substance) and. because of their neutral charge,  rarely interact with anything else.

If detecting neutrinos proves to be difficult..  then imagine the problem faced by modern physics when it comes to detecting the . .  so much less physically substantial..  Primary Field.


Einstein.. asked..  "What would happen to the energy of a photon..  if it were to travel faster than the speed of light." - ( 300'000 kilometers per second) - He pondered this for some time and came up with the theory that if a photon of energy could be accelerated faster the speed of light.. it's energy would still exist..  but it’s energy would have become imaginary. 

He also calculated that the faster the photon was accelerated the less energy it would have..  and that the flow of time would be reversed.. (from our viewpoint that is). So..  the in the end..  it would reach a point where there would be no imaginary energy present at all. All the imaginary energy would have been all exchanged for its gain of a higher state of momentum.

It was this idea that partly inspired my own idea of how an entire universe could be created out of.. apparent.. nothingness.


Try to imagine a time before anything existed..  with nothing..  anywhere..  no matter..  particles..  no photons of energy..  no time and no space..  nothing material at all. 

Then..  try to imagine a form of potential (or virtual) energy..  that has no mass..  no charge..  no polarity..  no boundaries..  no dimensions.

In its pure form it exists in the most simple of possible ways.  In fact it is so simple that we might easily confuse it as being nothing at all.. but this is only due to our limited conventional thinking at this time.

For example..  in the passage below.. the writer can see evidence for the Primary Field in his mathematics.. but he does not yet comprehend it what it is.. yet. 

Nevertheless.. philosophically.. he states..

"Imaginary number "i" was defined as being the number which means the vertical direction to the direction of the real number which show that the direction changed by 90 degrees every time and it hung taking "i" by the figure.

In the coordinates of the figure which turns to the 180 degrees opposite direction, i.e. the real number and the imaginary number, the square of "i" which multiplied "i" the twice could name with the imaginary number because it made actually -1 which can not be.

The circular motion in the imaginary time which I show in this complex number is the time which shows the truth showing 360 degrees completely directions, and the arrow of horizontal time to be moved to the future from the past, I think that it isn't possible to find the truth. The truth seems to be in the emptiness.

And.. below is another good example..

"I can testify that Einstein's speculations revealed here concerning infinite spaces in motion do at least carry us in the right direction, in how they suggest space might have an unseen and possibly infinite content. Most noteworthy, similar ideas came from the work of David Bohm, who introduced the idea of an implicate order. Implicate order for Bohm was a way of acknowledging that quantum mechanics reveals that space contains a hidden order. However, that order is much more visible than Bohm ever realized. There is the order of groups and grouping that we are accustomed to acknowledging, but there also is an order of balance and symmetry which smoothes out the pronounced nature of grouping, until in extreme, the symmetry of balance seems to be a nothingness."


In order to  “see”  the Primary Field.. we need to use our imagination. By this means it is possible to create a picture that is both logical and informed.. within the boundaries of our existing understanding.. and then try as hard as possible to visualize it.

Even though this is not possible.. try to imagine yourself as an observer . . far out . . beyond the universe . . beyond time and beyond space . . in a nothingness which is darker than darkness itself. This is not so hard to do . .  because we visit this "place" every night..  while we sleep. In our unconscious state we return back to the condition the we originally arose from. This is our rest state. The unconscious state is the root directory of our existence.. and it is from this unconscious point that the universe emerges.

Now imagine.. hypothetically.. as you look.. at first . . you are conscious of nothing at all.  Then gradually..  you become aware of what seems like a slight luminous mist arising all around you.  The mist forms for a very long while.. and then begins to gather inward on itself.. it acts as if it were collapsing. Growing brighter at some central point until it suddenly collapses inwardly and completely vanishes. This is a release of the quantums of energy . .  being given off by the Primary Field . .  just as mist arises from a still lake's surface at dawn. Though maybe.. instead of seeing it as energy.. we might also understand this force as being emerging information.

The utter darkness then continues for quiet some time.

Then there is a flash. . and a bright light is seen to be expanding rapidly from a small central point. This is what we call.. “The Big Bang”.

You watch from a great distance . . and see a universe . . expanding like a small bubble.. at  a great distance. Then you turn.. and in the darkness you see other..  new universes  . . expanding all around you. The Primary Field is a continuous process.. that has gone on forever.. and always will.

In religion it is represented by the symbol.. a very old man.. with a long white beard. The Ancient One.. or God. The number of universes that emerge from it would be limitless.. because the field’s potential is infinite.

This is how I see the Primary Field . . in an illustrate way . . and I do now believe that our universe is unique at all.

Of course to witness such a thing would be impossible . . and the time scales of such an evolution would be immensely long. The pre-big bang era would probably be a really slow process that would take an unimaginable long period.. by our standards of time .  Standards which would have no meaning then anyway.


I would think.. that the Primary Field..  in its raw state..  has only three characteristics:

1. A natural state of momentum.. (or absolute time) that paradoxically could also be understood as being static. Therefore.. there is a  potential of dynamic energy already available..  tied up in this natural state of momentum.  The common-placed idea that being static is the natural state is incorrect. The most natural state.. is a state of paradox.. where motion and being static are intimately intertwined.  I will try to explain later what I mean by this.

A critical question would seem to be.  Is being in motion is the most natural state of everything that exists ?

The evidence would suggest.. that.. yes.. it is.

The Primary Field then.. is the source of all energy (or information).. and its energy is POTENTIAL (or imaginary).. and its time frame an absolute one.

2. In its raw state.. it has one probability.. (or volition) and that is to change its rate of velocity. In other words. .  in such a simple state it's only probability is to decelerate.. by this I mean . . to loose some of its momentum.. in certain areas of the field . . in exchange for a "force".. (which is the creation of information). This force sets up the beginnings of a relative time frame. 

I say "decelerate" since  it cannot move any faster because that implies putting energy in..  therefore.. it would seem that.. deceleration is the only probability open to it. However.. in reality.. the notions of acceleration and deceleration are also paradoxically intertwined here too.. since they depend on the view point of the observer. However.. it is from this force.. obtained from any decelerations that occur.. that physical mass can eventually be formed.. while the  Big Bang  was taking place.

When I talk of the field under going a change in momentum.. I don't mean the field in its entirety.. just certain affected areas of it.. that's all.

3. A condition of responsiveness.. meaning it responds to any changes. For example.. gravity is a response in the PF towards the presence of mass.. and.. at the other end of the spectrum.. consciousness is a response in the PF to sensory stimulus.

Consciousness.. in turn.. creates a memory.. which is a package of stored information in the imaginary structure of the Primary Field. Because time is absolute.. these memory structures continue forever.. and become the potential building blocks for what is known as the “afterlife”.

Memories enable consciousness to evolve beyond the limitations imposed upon it by the physical world. They create a mental environment.. that responds to both the collective.. and the individual will.. of disembodied spirits.

See..  Joe’s Scripts  for a good illustration of how this purely imaginary plain of existence could be.


The precise nature of the reason for these decelerations is not easy for me to discern.

At present I can only see three possibilities.. all due to the law of probability.. meaning..  that if things are probable..  they will..  in time.. occur.  However..  time is something which is  unimportant here.. since consciousness and time would seem to be one and the same condition. Life is a means of evolving consciousness  (or time).. and the universe is the platform that consciousness employs to advance itself further. But this stage of material development is intermediate to  consciousness.. and not final.


a) They may take place in the form of waves forming within certain areas of the field.. like a kind of backwash affect.. created by the field's forward motion.

b) A vortex could open up in the field.. there bye creating a  "white hole"  affect.

c) Or the partial decelerations may occur.. due to the field possessing a very slight curvature in its  geometry.

This slight curvature will create a tension (or drag) with a deceleration as a result..  and in this way.. photons would form . .  (Just as dew forms in the cool mornings on the earth)..  in order to release the tension (or drag).

This is a compensatory action you might say.. to insure a constant momentum in spite of the curvature's influence on the field's constant velocity.

3. The third characteristic is that the Primary Field  RESPONDES.

This implies that any change in the field's momentum that causes photons to arise.. will also cause a  RESPONSE.. and the first.. and most simple response.. is in the form of what we call  "GRAVITATION". 

The PF will exhibit a negative resistance in the space between the photons.. that cause them to move together.. not because of some mystical force pulling on them.. but because they follow the path that offers the least resistance.. that's all.

Gravity is the very opposite to our concept of what  "force" means. Force offers a resistance.. while gravity opens up a path of least resistance along which things that are possessing a force might easily flow.

Then.. at the other end of the evolutionary scale.. a much more complex response of the Primary Field..  is what we call  "CONSCIOUSNESS".. which occurs as the Primary Field is influenced.. and modified.. by the activity of the brain; but I'll get to that later.. I have to lay a  basic foundation first.. before I can go any further into the deeper things.


You might imagine this mental energy flowing along in the same way that an electric charge flows..  or water flows.  This maybe hard to imagine because neither space nor time exist..  and therefore this motion..  which is not flowing relative to anything else..  paradoxically..  can not even be judged to be moving at all . . while its velocity remains uniform..  since there is nothing else in existence that it can be considered to be moving relative to.

To understand what I mean by this statement..  try imagining yourself in a space ship..  traveling somewhere out in deep space..  in a part where some murky dust clouds are obscuring all the light from the stars. 

If you are traveling at a constant velocity..  and neither accelerating nor decelerating..  there is no means of detecting your state of motion at all..  since we can only judge that we are actually moving relative to something else..  by using it as a reference to our direction and velocity. 

Without this subject - object view point the nature of the field's motion becomes paradoxical.. strange as it might sound. The Primary Field can not be considered to be moving relative to anything else..  and therefore..  it may just as well be standing still..  even though it has a considerably high velocity..  from our point of view.


Ok..  so now we have a potential source of mass energy tied up in the field's natural momentum..  and..  if a change of velocity occurs..  the change in velocity will be transformed into energy . .  in it's most simple form..  a photon of light. 

Nature also demonstrates that having curvature is the most natural condition.  Therefore the possibility that the Primary Field has some curvature in its geometry is most likely..  and even the smallest degree in the field's curvature would account for the decelerations that produce the infinite number of photons out of borrowed energy.

However.. there may also be other reasons that decelerations might occur..  that I have already mentioned before.

Photons of light  (or packages of energy)  are said to appear in the form of..  what physics refers to as being  "borrowed" energy.  Meaning.. the photon can appear out of seemingly "nothing" for a very short period of time and then it'll simply disappear again.

The photon is the most elementary of all particles..  since out of a photon..  electrons and positrons (or anti-elections) can manifest.  Electrons are the basic building blocks of the neutrons and protons..  which make up the rest of the structure of the atom.  

I won't go into this further here though..  as this kind of information can be found in any good book about modern physics.  It is enough to establish that the emergence of the photon is probably the first step in the evolution of the universe, as we know it. 


Photons have a very small amount of mass..  tied up in their velocity.. and therefore are subject to gravity.  With time..  these primary photons..  or maybe even possibly primary electrons that had formed..  would be drawn together under there own gravity until their collective mass got so great that they would collapse together inwardly and form a super-massive black hole.  This hole would be so large that it could not remain stable for long and in time..  it would explode..  spewing out a rich soup of particles from its interior.

This then..  is the "Big Bang"..  the beginning of our universe..  and our universe is probably only one of many. I do not believe our universe is an entirely unique creation at all.


Yes..  since it's something that we all experience every day . .  and it becomes even more evident at night while we sleep.

Imaginary energy IS the substance that our mental world is comprised of.  In fact our entire experience is purely mental or imaginary.

Our sciences tell us that the..  so called..  "physical experience" is actually not really physical at all..  since it all occurs totally in the mind..  and depends very much on the way the brain interprets it.

We know that light waves reflect off our surroundings and then enter through the eye and are passed on as electro-magnetic signals through the optic nerves to the brain..  which in turn interprets the stimulus as a mental image.. which is thought to be somewhere at the back of the cortex. 

An important point here though is..  that the brain doesn't create this mental ness of our being..  rather it simply modifies the Primary Field by stimulating it with raw experience..  as do the brains of each and every individual organism. 

This modification of the Primary Field by the brain is what we call  "CONSCIOUSNESS".. and it is the Primary Field itself that becomes conscious..  even though our body and brain give us the sense of being separate..  yet, paradoxically,  we are all one too..  connected by an underlying imaginary mental matrix.

Each individual manifestation of consciousness might be compared the individual cells that our organism consists of . .  insomuch as each individual's consciousness is also part of a greater whole..  a cosmic consciousness..  if you like. 

Philosophically speaking we might call these phenomena  "the Primary Field"..   on the other hand..  spiritually speaking..   we might call it . . . . .  "God".

                Beneath Abstraction
                 There is a mystery,
                 Beneath abstraction,
                 Silent, depthless,
                 Alone, unchanging,
                 Ubiquitous and liquid,
                 The mother of nature.
                 It has no name, but I call it "the Way";
                 It has no limit, but I call it "limitless".
                 Being limitless, it flows away forever;
                 Flowing away forever, it returns to my self:
                 The Way is limitless,
                 So nature is limitless,
                 So the world is limitless,
                 And so I am limitless.
                 For I am abstracted from the world,
                 The world from nature,
                 Nature from the Way,
                 And the Way from what is beneath abstraction.


Science..  it seems..  is baffled by consciousness.. and how it arises out of the apparently material nature of things..  but..  it seems to me that.. consciousness is only a problem because of the way we are looking at it.

It is just so strange and also highly paradoxical when we consider that the..  seemly..  solid physical universe is formed from nothing but simple particles of light..  and that the apparent "solidity" of matter is actually just an illusion..  since "solid" really means lots of particles moving around very  fast..  relative to each other..  within a framework of a..  relatively..  large and empty space.

We now know that this "solidity" is an illusion because physicists have calculated that if the earth fell into a black hole it would be crushed down to the size of a pea..  which implies that most of what seems to be solid.. is in fact nothing but empty space.

So..  what we habitually call the "real world" is an illusion.. since . . what appears to be solid.. is now known to be a constantly moving web of fields of energy. 

Nothing then..  is solid.. or stationary..  and..  being in motion is the most natural condition of all.


We might consider that the earth was once viewed as being flat..  with the sun..  and the entire night sky spinning around it..  this was found to be an illusion.

It was once believed that the earth was created in six days by some supernatural being.. till Darwin proved this illusion to be otherwise .. as we discovered the system was self-regulating.. and that evolution continually took place.

The universe was once believed to be in a static state..  and even great spirits like Einstein cherished this idea.. until Hubble proved that..  without a doubt..  it was expanding..  and so..  another illusion was broken down.

In the year 2001 it is commonly believed that the physical manifestation of the universe came first.. and a mental state of consciousness miraculously evolved out of physical matter..  somehow.

This..  in time..   will be seen to be an illusion also.

It would seem that what isn't being widely considered..  is the possibility that the mental - or imaginary - aspect of life is already here..  will always be here..  and always has been..  right from the very beginning of time.. while what we call "material" has been built up around it.. in order that an objective and changing reality might be experienced with in us all. 


The problem for physicists is detecting the existence of a Primary Field..  since it has no mass..  no charge..  and no tangible substance at all.  But.. its affects can be detected..  because it responds to its opposite inertial state..  mass energy..  and that response is what we call "gravity". 

I feel  certain that all the fields..  gravitational..  magnetic..  and nuclear..  are simply ALL modifications occurring in the Primary Field as it responds to the different forms of energy present in it. Just a water responds differently.. according to different substances it encounters from time to time.

I'm not just talking about the field responses that we can observe in physics.  I'm also talking about our "field" of consciousness..  which is just another modification of the Primary Field that is being caused by the workings of the human brain. 

Consciousness IS NOT..  an unexplainable phenomena at all..  it is simply a highly complex modification of the Primary Field..  as it responds to the rich and varied stimulus that human life brings to it..  via the interpretations of the brain.

A POSSIBLE UNIFIED FIELD THEORY ?                                                                                                          
Einstein himself considered that a Unified Field Theory was possible. One theory he put forward was the idea if a five dimensional universe..  which consisted of three dimensions of space..  one dimension of time..  and one imaginary dimension. 

However..  it was rejected by the scientific community because the idea of there being an imaginary dimension was completely unacceptable at that time.  But..  times have changed..  and it would seem wise to re-examine his idea again now..  in the light of what we now know.  Incorporating the concept of an imaginary dimension does at least allow us to include consciousness.. and our mental life.. as part and parcel of modern "physics" and however unconventional this may seem presently..  it seems to me that all the great truths arise out of the nature of paradox.. and the physical universe is no exception.

To put it simply..  the Primary Field Theory states that all manifestations of  energy and mass..  and their corresponding fields are all due to modifications of a pre-existing  "Primary Field".   I'm also saying that space itself has a kind of "substance"..  but in a rather particular way..  substance is not the right word really..  but it is close.

For example..  to sum up the idea in simple terms.. 

Gravity is caused by a modification of the geometry of the Primary Field..  due to the presence of  mass.

A magnetic field is a result of the Primary Field being modified by an electric current.

Nuclear fields are that same Primary Field's geometry..  being modified by the presence of the  nuclear "particles"..  etc.

Then..  consciousness is the Primary Field responding to the brain's activity.

Personally..  I think this kind of idea is a good philosophical basis on which to build a Unified Field Theory on..  since in order to find a concept to enable us to unify anything at all..  we need to think in terms of there existing an underlying principle of wholeness..  and it seems to me that a Primary Field concept could go along way towards providing one.


As for reaching a better understanding of the relationship between physics and the mental [or imaginary] fields of consciousness.. there is plenty of circumstantial evidence to suggest  that the essential nature of the Primary Field is  mental  [or imaginary]..  and its secondary nature is the physical manifestation of the material universe. The physical Universe manifests as an electrical image (By this I mean it is formed mainly out of electrons) that is being projected..  relative to the degree of complexity reached within  the negative  - or mental - aspect of the Primary Field as it follows its evolutionary course.

The negative aspects are the gravitational..  magnetic and nuclear fields..  which are all seen by me to be simply modifications if the Primary Field in response to  an energetic stimulus.

A black hole..  for example..  demonstrates relative modifications as its imaginary structure is able to compress mass into an absolutely neutral singularity - while at the same time the mass modifies the Primary Field - taking the form of gravitational forces as the geometry of  the Primary Field is warped severely by the static element of the singularity contained with in it. The static element being equally and oppositely opposed to the infinite flow of momentum  possessed by the Primary Field.
So..  put simply..  I think that it is possible that gravitational fields..  magnetic fields..  and nuclear fields are all just varying modifications of the Primary Field structure..  or geometry..  as it adjusts itself..  and is modified  by the energetic forces that are active within it. 

The Field then..  is  RESPONSIVE..  just as..  in the same  way..  we are responsive human beings.. and our consciousness is just another form of modification of the Primary Field.


I also consider our field of consciousness itself  is also due to a modification of the Primary Field..   in fact consciousness is our direct experience of the field itself.

Unfortunately..  present day physics seems to be avoiding dealing with "the problem of consciousness"..  which seems a bit of a blinkered attitude to take.  After all..  being reasonable..   how can we view an object . .  with out including the subject into the equation . . ? ? ? 

That kind of thinking all sounds a bit like  "one hand clapping" to me.

Consciousness only  REALLY  kicks in..  with a sense of collective..  and individual identity..  when a favorable condition of subject/object relationship has evolved to the level where a living organism can  know itself  BOTH  objectively and subjectively..  and this would seem to be what the primary purpose of  what  life is all about..  gaining our TRUE sense of identity through life experience..  since truly knowing oneself is also akin to knowing God.

One needs only to consider the wisdom of the Delphic inscription..  "Know Yourself".. in order to understand the knowledge of ALL things.

Simply speaking..  on a cosmic scale..  a "self awakening"..  to coin a more mystical term..  of a totally conscious..   Universal Mind..  is what seems to be evolving and blossoming forth..  gradually..  and we..  the human race..  are its offspring.

"They have not known, and they do not understand; In darkness they keep walking about; All the foundations of the earth are made to totter.

I myself have said, 'You are gods, And all of you are sons of the Most High."

Psalms 82:5


Consciousness is a process by which the physical imagery is translated into imaginary imagery in the form of memory. This process is one of "reproduction" as the physical is translated through our sense organs and converted into an exact copy of our tangible experience within our minds as emotionally charged imagery.

The accumulative aspect of our life experience..  or emotionally charged imagery..  is what we call.. "The Soul".

Memory and intuition are the active aspects of the soul.

Our Spirit is the imaginary processes.. to do with thought.. creativity.. and mood.  The active aspect of spirit being our volition to do.. to experience things.


What we call "Memory" is actually the building-up of a mental reproduction of the physical universe into which our "Being" is able to enter into at the moment of our physical death, and where we may continue living,

possibly indefinitely, as mental spirits in a mental [or imaginary plain of existence. There is nothing strange about this as every night we exist as mental spirits in an imaginary world while we dream.

At the moment of physical death a process of reversal takes place and the imaginary existence [which is potential] becomes actual.. and the physical world becomes imaginary..  in the form of memory. This memory then serves as the substance out of which we draw on past experiences in order to further create the imaginary worlds of Eternity.

See the section on this site entitled..  "Joes Scripts" to get a better idea of what I mean here. The scripts present us with a very logical presentation of how the "after life" might well be.. and they correspond exactly with my own ideas.

Jung's theory of the collective unconscious also makes a lot of sense.. in this new light. He wrote that he believed that the collective unconscious and the physical universe were connected at the border of their extremes.. and I think this also.

After all..  it does seem quite logical..  and is preferable to seeing things as being disconnected.. and fragmented as we presently do.


To conclude the universal evolutionary process has "picked itself up by its own boot laces"..  metaphorically speaking.  A cycle has been completed.  It begins with a Primary Field  in which nothing exists at all.. which can be compared to a blank video tape. Out of this a duality is formed - subject/object. The subjective nature of our consciousness views and reproduces its objective material manifestation of substance. Then..  finally.. the dual nature of things is re-combined back into the Primary Field.. taking the form of a infinite field of unlimited potential experience..  where all is mental [or imaginary]

Its motion has become relative..  instead of absolute.  Its neutrality has become negative in the form of imaginary living images of light stored in the form of collective memory.  It has also achieved a condition of positive volition - It has acquired a "will" of its own. The physical/mental duality is no longer necessary once it has been translated into thoughts and imaginary images.

"The unconscious is the only available source of religious experience. This in certainly not to say that what we call the unconscious is identical with God or is set up in his place. It is simply the medium from which religious experience seems to flow. As to what the further cause of such experience might be, the answer to this lies beyond the range of human knowledge. Knowledge of God is a transcendental problem."

Carl Jung


Unfortunately this theory is still unfinished.. but I intend to continue reworking it.. and writing more in the coming future.

Everything emanates from the same source.

Everything is a voice or speech resounding over the world, through the entire universe, through micro cosmos and macro cosmos.

It vibrates through the shining of the stars.

It shines in the orbits of the planets.

It is whispered through the gentle breeze and is murmured in the depths of the forest. 

It is whistled through the sirens of the factories and is heard in the noise of the machines.

It is sung over the cradle and spoken at the grave.

It is vague feeling or notion, wisdom and belief.

It is knowledge, recognition and hope.

It is death, resurrection and life.

It is colour, vibration and light.

It is everything that can in any way be sensed, thought and experienced." 

"Mind and intelligence are woven into the fabric of our universe in a way that altogether surpasses our understanding."
Freeman Dyson