The trial of Socrates  -  Text established from manuscripts written by the monks.

"Let's look again at their sworn deposition. It goes something like this, they say that Socrates is guilty of corrupting the young and of not acknowledging the gods which the city acknowledges, but different, new divinities." 
Plato wrote down what Socrates had said concerning his trial: 

"I don't know what affect my accusers have had on you. I, for my part, almost forgot who I was they were so persuasive, yet, scarcely a word of what they said was true. I was especially astonished at one of their many lies. 
They said that you must be on your guard against me because I'm a clever speaker. I thought that this was particularly shameless of them, since, they must know that the facts will shortly expose them, when it becomes obvious that I am not at all skilful as a speaker, unless, of course, they mean by a clever orator one who speaks the truth."