The Dream of the Ridiculous Man  -  Part Five

It was already morning, but before dawn, about 5 o clock, I woke up in my chair. There was deep silence all around me. I saw my revolver lying in front of me, loaded, ready. I pushed it away: "No!", I exclaimed. Give me life!

I was elated! I was on fire with hope; and I wanted to live!  To shout. yes, to shout out. To tell everybody.

You know what? Do you want to know what? To tell them the truth, for I have seen it with my own eyes; and the living image has taken over me forever.

Oh, granted, I don't know how to build paradise on earth. I've no idea; but that doesn't matter. Instead I'll go on. I'll go ahead. I'll speak out; for I have seen the truth; and I know that mankind could be happy and beautiful. I refuse to believe that wickedness is our natural state, since I've seen the truth with my own eyes...

Oh, but how the mockers fail to appreciate that! They're so proud of themselves! Just a dream they say.  They dismiss it all as a dream.

But what is a dream? Isn't our own life just a dream?

Well, I'll go on. I'll go further.

Alright, what if paradise is never achieved? What if it never happens? What then?

Then I'll still go ahead. I'll admit what I did; and what I must do.

Accept responsibility for my actions, conceal nothing; and then, it could be done so easily, in a single day, in a single hour, it could be done.

Surely we could love each other as we love ourselves...

That's the main thing, isn't it?

That's it, nothing else...

Absolutely nothing else is necessary...

Do that and the way forward is clear, isn't it?

Well.... isn't it?

Alright, so its nothing but an old truth, repeated, said billions of times; but why hasn't it taken root then?

If only we all wanted it!

Then everything could begin again.

Oh yes, and when I find the little girl, and I shall find her.

Then......... I can begin.............................

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