Some Quotes Concerning Heart Felt Knowledge...
Self Regulation & Common Sense


Look! This is what we have investigated. So is it. Hear it, and you know it for yourself." - Job5:27                

“Everything that is in your heart do, for the true God is with you.” - 1Chronicles 17:2

“And as for me, it is not through any wisdom that exists in me more than in any others alive that this secret is revealed to me, except to the intent that the interpretation may be made known to the king himself and that the thoughts of your heart you may know.” - Daniel 2:30

“Drink water out of your own cistern, and tricklings out of the midst of your own well. Should your springs be scattered out of doors, your streams of water in the public squares themselves? Let them prove to be for you alone, and not for strangers with you.” - Proverbs 5.15

“To you, O men, I am calling, and my voice is to the sons of men. O inexperienced ones, understand shrewdness; and you stupid ones, understand heart. Listen, for it is about the foremost things that I speak, and the opening of my lips is about uprightness. For my palate in low tones utters truth itself; and wickedness is something detestable to my lips. All the sayings of my mouth are righteousness. Among them there is nothing twisted or crooked. All of them are straight to the discerning one, and upright to the ones finding knowledge.” - Proverbs 8.4

“Moreover, the multitude of those who had believed had one heart and soul, and not even one would say that any of the things he possessed was his own; but they had all things in common.” - Acts 4.32

“Peter said to them: "Men, brothers, you well know that from early days God made the choice among you that through my mouth people of the nations should hear the word of the good news and believe; and God, who knows the heart, bore witness by giving them the holy spirit, just as he did to us also. And he made no distinction at all between us and them, but purified their hearts by faith.” - Acts 15 27

“Let a man so appraise us as being subordinates of Christ and stewards of sacred secrets of God. Besides, in this case, what is looked for in stewards is for a man to be found faithful. Now to me it is a very trivial thing matter that I should be examined by you or by a human tribunal. Even I do not examine myself. For I am not conscious of any thing against myself. Yet by this I am not proved righteous, but he that examines me is God. Hence do not judge anything before the due time, until the Lord comes, who will bring both the secret things of darkness to light and make the councils of the heart manifest.” - 1Corinthians 4:1

“For the thing we boast of is this, to which our conscience bears witness, that with holiness and Godly sincerity, not with fleshy wisdom but with God's undeserved kindness, we have conducted ourselves in the world, but more especially toward you. For we are not writing you things except those which you well know or also recognize; and I hope you will continue to recognize to the end, just as you have also recognized, to an extent, that we are a cause for you to boast, just as you will also be on the day of our Lord Jesus. He has also put his seal upon us and has given us the token of what is to come, that is, the spirit in our hearts.” - 2Corinthians 1:12

“For the exhortation we give does not arise from error or from uncleaness or with deceit, but, just as we have been proved by God as fit to be entrusted with the good news, so we speak, as pleasing not men, but God, who makes proof of our hearts.” - 1Thessalonians 2:3


The first time she invited the Master, the naked ascetics would have prevented her father-in-law from meeting him. Eventually they agreed that he might listen from behind a curtain. Truly, if he was dull of wit, the ascetics were even duller, for did not all know the Master's aura could penetrate walls and reach across distances, and that each one always thought he spoke for him alone.

He, also, sitting behind the curtain, turned over in his mind the teaching of the Master, and found that the World-Honoured was speaking especially to him. Whereupon he came forth from behind the curtain and kissed the breasts of his daughter-in-law, saying: `From henceforth you are my mother,' and thereafter she was called his mother. Then he fell at the feet of the Master, covering them with kisses.

As the Master approached the two warring armies, he could see the flashing of their weapons, and with his inward eye he had already perceived the cause of their quarrel. Having compassion upon them because of their blindness and their folly, he hastened that he might arrive before they commenced to slaughter one another.

The opposing armies likewise saw the Master approaching, or perhaps they felt the aura of peace he cast before him. They delayed their hostilities until he came up, and standing on the banks of the river, he spoke thus to their leaders: `Rulers and warriors! Which is of more value, a small quantity of land, or the lives of many people the lives of rulers and great ones?'

`The lives of people,' they replied, `especially the lives of rulers and great ones!'
`Therefore,' replied the Master, `lay aside your passions; throw away your weapons of destruction; conquer your anger instead of your foe, bear loving kindness one to another. Then you will find the means to divide the land fairly between you, and so live in peace.'

Always hatred and anger died down in the Master's presence, and his words seemed to them good. Indeed they marvelled that they had not before thought of the matter thus. They laid aside their weapons, and their leaders met one another and agreed how the land might be shared among them.”

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