It is reasonable to consider that consciousness is an excitation.. occurring in the Primary Field.. (a field of mainly potential – or dormant - energy. A field that an unlimited number of universes could emerge out of.. by borrowing their energy from it). A field having no physical dimensions.. that can't be measured.. because it both does.. and doesn't exist.

It would seem  that the brain processes stimulate the Primary Field’s response. We call this excitation in the field - consciousnes.

Like an infinite number.. windows of consciousness continually open and close in the field drinking in all the information (experience) these universes can produce.. over billions of years of evolution…That is.. whenever then environment is suitable so that organic life can get a grip.. and begin to open and close windows of consciousness..

This information (memories) could then be utilized to form extra imaginary dimensions that enable consciousness to evolve onto higher levels.. and to diversify further

Our material world.. then.. is merely a foundation for something much greater.. a root-stock.

To many.. consciousness seems to be an additional dimension that our universe has.. since consciousness is not occurring with in the framework of physical space-time.

We are made much more aware of this when we dream.. and experience..  imaginary space-time.. for ourselves.

Then.. when completely unconscious.. we experience the NOTHINGNESS.. we return to our source each night.. but we wake up nevertheless. Like virtual particles.. fliting in and out of existence.

And.. when the alarm clock goes off in the morning..  something comes out of a nothingness.. maybe that’s a clue.

Existence seems to be in a state of paradox.. we are contained in the universe.. while the universe also is contained within us. Both are True Illusions.

After all.. which is “realer”.. the universe outside us.. existing in past time… or the mental image of it we have.. that exists in the present..?

Then.. how much of our sensory data gets modified by the brain.. ?

And.. isn’t consciousness.. by its very nature..  imaginary.. ?

How much of what we observe is down to the way our brain processes incoming information.. sight.. sound.. smell.. touch. Then there’s acquired learning.. prejudices.. etc. All these things shape how we experience things.

Is the universe we see.. really out there.. or are we only seeing what our brain chooses to see.. selectively..?

When we look up at the stars.. we look back in time.. and are only seeing a memory.. stars as they were thousands of years ago.

I would think a model the accords with what we experience.. should look like this.

Three Space.. one Time.. and one Imaginary  = (consciousness).

We have our own time frame.. Imaginary time.

In my mind.. consciousness is part and parcel of the universe.. and therefore needs to be taken into consideration.. within the frame work of existing physics. Presently.. I get the impression.. it is seen as a problem.

Like when we look at the moon.. the light (or information) takes time to travel.. so we never see anything in the present.. we can only see an image of the universe as it was. When we observe the universe.. we are looking back in time.. into its past. What we are looking at.. may not even exist any more.. super-novas.. that we don't even know about yet.

Is.. the universe we see.. really physical.. or is it a mental image. . a construct of our own thoughts.. and our culture.. ?

Can animals see it.. or does it only exist for us.. because our brain has evolved to detect it..?

The moon we see in our mind is a mental image that has been greatly modified by the brain.. what the moon is really like remains a mystery

Our eyes collect photons (or information).. our brain then processes this information.. and further modifies it.. finally.. something.. which we call.. "me" experiences it. For example our brain only actually sees a small portion of all the wave-lengths of light. Dogs can hear sounds that we can't here.. etc. The brain both detects.. and limits.. our reality… Imagine how much we are missing.

If.. the brain is like a processor then.. then what is the hard disk?

What is the brain writing all this information onto.. ?

Well.. we know its non-physical.. intangible.. maybe it's the Primary Field.

While we are awake it is easy  to suffer the illusion that "out there" really exists in the way that we are experiencing it. However.. when we dream we are confronted by the reality.. that we are a mental phenomena.. rather than a physical one.

The braIn is a biological TIME MACHINE.. simultaneously processing perceptions of.. past.. present and future.