The New Testament idea of the Devil originated from the Essenes.. and first appeared in their writings - the Dead Sea Scrolls.. where the Teacher of Righteousness.. battles against the Wicked Priest and the Teacher of Lies.

The word  “devil”   means  “the deceiver”.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were already using a devil symbol for "the liers".. at around the 200 – 300 hundred year period that spans the time between the end of the Old Testament.. and the beginning of the New. There is a theory that Jesus himself might have originated out of the community of the Essenes.. and I think there's a likelihood that this may well be true.. since.. such a deeply spiritual community would seem to be the idea place for him to have aquired such great wisdom and learning. That would explain how the Devil idea got into the New Testament too.         

Thanksgiving Psalm from the Dead Sea Scrolls

"I thank you, O Lord, for your eye is awake and watches over my soul. You rescue me from the jealousy of liars, from the congregation of those who seek the smooth way. But you save the soul of the poor  whom they planned to destroy by spilling the blood of your servant. I walked because of you - but they didn`t know this. They laughed at me. They shamed me  with lies from their mouth. But you helped the soul of the poor and the weak, you saved me from their harsh arms, you redeemed me amid their taunts. From the wicked I do not fear destruction. .

I thank you, O Lord. You illumined my face by your covenant. I seek you, As sure as the dawn you appear as perfect light. Teachers of lies have comforted your people  and now they stumble, foolishly. They abhor themselves  and do not esteem me through whom your wonders and powers are manifest. They have banished me from my land like a bird from its nest, and my friends and neighbours are driven from me. They think me a broken pot. They preach lies. They are dissembling prophets. They devise baseness against me, exchanging yiour teaching, written in my heart, for smooth words. They deny knowledge to the thirsty and force them to drink vinegar to cover up error. They stumble through mad feasts,  but you, God, spurn the schemes of Belial. Your wisdom prevails.

Your hearts meditation prevails, established forever."

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